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The New York Optimist – Melissa Ayr

Artist Melissa Ayr's baby grand piano featured in the New York Optimist. Arts Editor: Stephan Fowlkes Curator: Alexander Viscio … [Read more]

Sneak Peak Video – Contemporary Artist Melissa Ayr Paints a Baby Grand Piano

[Read more]

Melissa Ayr Painting a Baby Grand Piano

Melissa Ayr working on the finishing touches of a baby grand piano as her latest work of art. See a sneak peak Video of Melissa Ayr's hands on process Bob Rosenthal of the Piano Gallery in Dallas delivers the Baby Grand … [Read more]

Melissa Ayr – Featured on Woman Anew

Melissa Ayr is interviewed by Ania Zegan, co-founder and CEO of the Woman Anew Internet TV Network and host of “Ordinary Women Extraordinary Lives”show. Woman Anew focuses on key issues that impact women and their families including: relationship, … [Read more]

Melissa Ayr – Interview with Kellie Frazier

Getting to know contemporary abstract artist Melissa Ayr. Hear the Interview. Melissa Ayr – Motivational Radio Interview with Kellie Frazier 09-14-2010 (MP3 / Podcast) … [Read more]

Original Ayr Painting “Be Ruinart” Going to Art Basel Miami

Contemporary Abstract Artist Melissa Ayr has been selected as one of ten artists in the United States to be represented at Art Basel in Miami by Ruinart Champagne, a brand of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey.  Melissa Ayr and Ruinart champagne share … [Read more]

Liverpool Biennial

Melissa Ayr has received professional accreditation from the Liverpool Biennial.  The 6th International Liverpool Biennial is "Touched". "Liverpool Biennial is the UK’s largest as well as one of the most exciting contemporary visual arts … [Read more]

LVMH – Ruinart Champagne selects Melissa Ayr for Art Basel

Recently, Melissa Ayr was approached and selected for an original artwork for Champagne Ruinart. Ruinart Champagne Champagne Ruinart is the oldest French Champagne company, established in 1729. It is a very high-quality Champagne, and has … [Read more]

Ayr Art Transformation Tour Dallas

Ayr Art Transformation Tour - Dallas Featuring Artist Melissa Ayr, Benefiting the Book Bank Foundation Social - Join us for an evening of Fine Art, Live Performance and Giving. Featuring: Contemporary Abstract Artist Melissa Ayr & Concert … [Read more]

“Bee Bop”

"Bee Bop" Original Oil Painting on Canvas 72"x60"x1½" “Bee Bop” was created in two phases.  The background was created first.  Then many months later Melissa came back to this painting to finish it.  Melissa used her hands to create the … [Read more]

“Water Garden”

"Water Garden" "Water Garden" Original Oil Painting on Canvas 60"x48"x1½" "Water Garden" is a heavy textured original oil on canvas. This painting took over 9 months to create.  The artist used her hands to put down the texture over the … [Read more]

“Pink Whip”

"Pink Whip" Acrylic Painting on Canvas 48 x 36 x 1½ "Pink Whip" was created in 2009 and was the inspiration that led Melissa into creating "Wild Thing".  This artwork was responsible for transitioning the cloud-like color blends Melissa had … [Read more]

Ayr Art Transformation Tour – a Toast of Dallas and a gift of Music

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ayr Art Transformation Tour - a Toast of Dallas and a gift of Music DALLAS, TX August 31, 2010 — Saturday August 21st, signaled both the start of the Ayr Art Transformation Tour and the rise of contemporary abstract artist … [Read more]

Melissa Ayr Presents “Ocean Drive” Exhibition at the Super Bowl Charity Bash

Melissa Ayr Presents "Ocean Drive" Exhibition at the Super Bowl Charity Bash. This event will be held at the Proof Restaurant (owned by All-Star Pro Bowler Ricky Williams) in Miami Beach inside the Z Ocean Hotel. Where: Proof Restaurant 1458 … [Read more]

Melissa Ayr Presents “Wild Thing” Painting to The Wild Foundation

Please support Wild9 - The Wild Foundation World Wilderness Congress (WWC). The WWC is the best-known and most effective platform for debating and acting on wilderness issues. They provide a balanced approach, taking on highly charged issues in a … [Read more]