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Artist Statement

Artists are creators. We give permission to our minds to imagine a world where things are possible as we are able to breathe life into our ideas that make it possible for them to come into existence. When you are able to escape the reality of daily worries and take time to fall in love with your work, time escapes you.
As an artist, I am able to be free and I am able to explore the hidden corners of life. My mind uncovers areas of the world that others are unable to see and create truth that others are unwilling to create. With time, persistence and practice we are able to open these treasures to share with others. I have so much to share.
My paintings guide me down a path where the world opens up to me. A place where I no longer need words to communicate with another person. A realm where color, composition and form take on a meaning all of its own to help form a complete thought. I am able to wrap my brain around the spark of creation. I coexist with feelings and emotions internally felt and externally expressed.
I recently developed a method of painting by using air from a leaf blower as my brush to push paint across the canvas. I have really enjoyed painting with a leaf blower. It involves layering and a push and pull technique that has been received well by my collectors and critics. It is amazing to create the visuals in my mind with a technique where I don’t touch the canvas at all.
I recall the first time that I used a leaf blower to paint with. Raw energy shouted out of the leaf blower as it took over my entire studio. The sound was deafening as the blower itself vibrated my body into a seductive trance shouting air out of its large mouth. The movement of air and it’s gradient force is one of the most powerful of nature’s phenomena‘s and plays an important role in human life. The strong force of the leaf blower was guttural, primal and it had awoke something inside of me. I wanted to control the movement of air.
I began to experiment and play with all of the art materials surrounding me in my studio. I poured paint lavishly out of buckets directly onto the canvas creating deep puddles of color and turned the air on. A colorful wave splattered the paint everywhere. The leaf blower air pushed the surface of the paint creating frictional drag and forming a wave in its wake. I started moving my body with the leaf blower forcing the air to create images on my canvas. Hoffman said it best, “The sense of movement is a metaphor for life itself. It creates space which is dynamic, vibrates and resounds the rhythm of life… Movement is the expression of life.” The first painting that I ever created with a leaf blower is called “Isis”. After I was done I needed to sleep. I was deaf for a few hours and my hands were numb from all of the vibration. I was covered in paint as so was my studio.
I kept practicing my new technique of bending air. I finally gained control. The air moved the way I wanted, it revealed what was underneath, and it exposed what was already there. It was perfect! I created my next highlighted piece called “Honey Bee”. Covered in paint from head to toe, I felt free. While in my studio I achieved a state of bliss. “Iris” and “Honey Bee” are almost floral in nature and are part of my SquAyr Collection which was shown in New York at the Architectural Design and Home Show. I have created similar floral images again and again in different colors and in different sizes. I have altered my technique and have shaped ways in which I create while getting deeper and deeper into the image. Each painting has its own energy slightly different from the next. Each created with pure intention and insight.

I explore new directions and re-define artistic expression using air. I use my paintings as meditation and a diary. What I am feeling? What is my motive? Where is my intention behind the created surface? My focus is intentional and the attention is given to the details of the moment. Air flow, color, angle, strokes, materials, solvents, viscosity, and intensity are all variables of my work. I have dedicated my artistic expression in this direction.


Ayr is my name and I paint with air. It is mine for the taking.

Melissa Ayr paints with Air.