Contemporary Abstract Ayr Art

Plight of the Ball

Melissa Ayr Art Plight of the Ball

“Plight of the Ball”
Mixed Media Painting on Canvas
48″ x 96″ x 3″

“Plight of the Ball” is the latest painting produced by contemporary abstract artist Melissa Ayr. The artwork has a focus around conflict and represents the ephemeral and ever present battle for the ball.  Pastel undertones are supplanted by the blitz of primary colors under the essence of a scrimmage line.

“Plight of the Ball” employs several techniques and media and is created on a custom made hand stretched red cotton duct canvas.  The paint contains a special blend of medium including sand and sawdust. While creating this painting Melissa hurled a football covered in paint against the canvas to make this extraordinary artwork. The background was created by Melissa only using her body and signature “release” painting method.