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Melissa Ayr

Melissa Ayr, born in New York, is an international contemporary abstract artist.  She was nationally recognized and selected as one of ten artists represented  by Ruinart Champagne, a brand of Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessey.  Her art is on the cutting edge of color with bold flowing blends of light and dark. Her style is colorful, vibrant, and full of texture. She incorporates high energy, fluidity, growth and life. She’s known for her rich vibrant color and her ability to create dimension on a flat canvas.

Melissa Ayr Art Painted Piano "Live Energy" Young ChangAyr Presents Painted Baby Grand Piano “Live Energy

See the process as Contemporary Abstract artist Melissa Ayr transforms a baby grand piano into a work of art.  See Melissa’s unique painting style as she playfully paints this piano with her body.

Melissa Ayr Presents Painted Baby Grand Piano “Live Energy”

Melissa Ayr Art Painted Piano "Live Energy" Young Chang“Live Energy”
Acrylic on Baby Grand Piano
Young Chang

Melissa Ayr Joins in Art Battle San Francisco